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“Good company on a journey makes the way seem shorter.”
—Izaak Walton
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What my clients say...

"Working with Carol has enabled me to change the way I see myself. Because of her guidance and support I feel more confident in making decisions and to express my truth in challenging situations. I feel supported, heard and skilfully guided. I highly recommend Carol."
Carolyn S.

"I had another session today with life coach Carol Banens. I just love her!
Carol has a gift for being both comfortable to be with, and lovingly confrontational. She's really good at getting to the heart of what stops you in life. And equally good at helping you work through those challenges.

Maggie P.

"Thank you for taking the time and applying your skill set for me.
It was very appreciated and beneficial. I felt you enhanced and validated my inner feelings, definitely allowing me to see myself and the future through a different lens.

Diane S.

"Talking with Carol allowed me to unpack my feelings around loss.
She is relatable and compassionate and I left our session feeling empowered and full of compassion for others and myself. I felt more like my true self. It's about reframing your thoughts and seeing things differently that can be so healing. Thanks Carol.
Susan T.

Patty's Story...

About a month after my husband died, I 'fell' upon Carol through a referral from a friend's friend. I attended a free zoom session Carol had about grief. I was immediately drawn to her calm and soothing demeanor. 

But more importantly, I was drawn to the information she provided in just one session. It was practical, understandable and made me feel like what I was going through had some logic behind it...and therefore...I could use more education and guidance.I signed up for a 6 month plan with Carol to coach me through what I knew would be a difficult time. 

Though I had certainly encountered grief many times before...the loss of my husband had all types of difficulties associated with it. There were feelings of guilt, of despair, of sadness, of fear... to name a few. Some feelings just had to be felt, but there were ways to do it that were productive...and Carol helped with that. Some feelings were a result of feelings that could be 'reframed'. 

While the situation didn't change...the perspective did...and that was all with help from Carol.

There is only one way to get through the grief process...walk right through that fire. Having Carol guide me through the fire provided support, guidance, and perspective that enabled me to walk through the fire...and not burn up in it. 

The skills I learned from her helped me in a million little moments...from dealing with things that stressed me out to waking up in the middle of the night remembering for, what felt like the first time, that my husband was gone. 

In recent days, I've actually had three people comment to me that whatever my coach was doing was working...because they could see that I was really dealing with whatever comes my way.

I cannot recommend Carol enough. She is an invaluable resource (of information, support and guidance) to get through one of the most (if not THE most) difficult times of my life.

Patty S.