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Coaching Services

From "Surviving To Thriving" Coaching

This 3 month group program will guide you through the 6 steps of CHOOSE and supports your unique journey towards healing and growth.

It provides compassionate coaching for the complex emotions in the grief journey. The program highlights the importance of self-compassion and self-awareness.

You'll get personalized action plans, weekly coaching, and peer support. You'll gain self-awareness and tools to move forward confidently with resilience and hope.

3 Session Introductory Coaching

If you aren’t ready for a full 3 month programme why not book for 3 introductory sessions?

Here we can see what your main challenges are, and you can get some practical support to help you on your grief journey

Then if you’d like to continue coaching with me, you can join the 3 month ’From Surviving to Thriving Programme.

Are you ready to start moving through your grief?

Are you ready to CHOOSE to live your life?
Are you ready to accept Gratitude for the life you have now?
Would you like to work with me?

If so, it's time to explore your unique situation and how we can open up the possibilities of moving forward, despite your loss Instead of holding your grief inside, pretending to be ‘fine’, you’ll give yourself permission to grieve. 

Showing your grief outwardly is called mourning, and as you openly express your feelings, you’ll start to feel the softening of your grief. It will be a journey of self-discovery. Because life is different, you are different after loss. It will be a time of reconnecting with what you want to do next, with what brings meaning to you now, and finding ways to let joy back into your heart. 

It is by doing the grief work that you are able to acknowledge your loss fully, express your feelings fully, and get back to life… fully.