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About Me

I work with widows, widowers and people who’ve lost their partners, who are stuck in grief and wanting to figure out how to re-engage with life again.

When my husband passed away in 2018, I was in deep grief. What I didn’t realize at the time was how profound it would be or how it affected every single aspect of my life. I know this sounds strange, but I really didn't have any idea. Even though his death was expected, and we'd prepared everything we could, I was just not prepared. Not prepared for...

• the extreme fatigue and lethargy

• the physical pains

• the foggy brain

• the inability to read anything more than a sentence or two

• the challenge of doing normal activities like changing a light bulb

• that driving would take all my focus

• that I couldn’t be in social situations for too long as it was exhausting

• that I could no longer listen to music.

And the list goes on…

  • Do any of these sound familiar to you?

    I struggled to push through, to keep calm and carry on. And I found that didn’t work too well…I burned out.

    But now...

    I’ve arrived at a place where my grief is no longer defining me. It accompanies me every day. I still miss my husband, I still love him, AND I’m able to feel gratitude for his life and all we had together.

    It took time and work to get here, but now I’m back on solid ground and my mission is to help others as they journey through one of the most difficult and painful times of their lives.

    Becoming a certified Grief to Gratitude coach was not something I’d ever aspired to. But as I worked through my own grief, I found a strength inside that I didn't know existed, and a new found desire to help others navigate their loss.

    I want you to experience the beauty of reconnecting with your soul, of discovering what you really love to do and find meaning and purpose in life once more.