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Here are just some of my podcasts

The Grief Journey

Notes from the broadcast:

Carol Banens lost her husband four and a half years ago. She has gone on a transformational journey from grief to joy, along the way unpacking unresolved grief from the loss of her sister, leaving her 36 year career as a physical therapist and becoming a life coach.

She had created The Joyful Life Blueprint for midlife women ready to move from feeling empty and lost to creating an epic next chapter, but is now focussing on grief coaching to help others through this challenging and painful time so that they can see the possibilities of joy in their life again.

Listening time: 31:00

Self-Responsibility Under Difficult Situations and Dealing with Grief - Motivation without the hype.

Notes from the broadcast:

Carol Banens lost her husband 4.5 years ago and has gone on a transformational journey from grief to joy. After a year of acute grief, she knew she had a lot of life left to live and began creating the next stage of her life, without her husband.

She left her 36 year career as a physical therapist and became a life coach for midlife women helping them move from feeling lost and empty to creating an epic next chapter.

Now she is also grief coaching, where she feels called to help others move through their grief to find joy once more.

Listening time: 18:48

#58 - How to Utilize Grief into an Epic next Chapter with Carol Banens by Feel Your Feelings.

Notes from the broadcast:

Carol Banens, has 35 years under her belt as a physical therapist which has given her a wealth of practical experience that she has utilized with her life-coaching clients.

After her husband died, she went from the grief of losing her partner, going on a transformational journey to find who she was without him and to find her joy again.

She now helps women create an epic next chapter and finally unleash their joy.

Listening time: 31:07

Loss Forces Us To Rediscover Who We Are - A Conversation With Carol Banens.

Notes from the broadcast:

Sometimes our lives lead us down a path we never intended to end up on. This is exactly what happened to Carol as she helped an aging mother, tried to balance raising her family and had to deal with the loss of the love of her life. As you can imagine, this changed her profoundly, and this week on the podcast, Carol shares with us how this led her to become a coach for women trying to rediscover who they are.

Carol chats about how loss and grief have no real timeline. We talk about how we live in a world where we are told we "should" be over our feelings, but the truth is, you process things like grief in small pieces at a time because otherwise, it would be too overwhelming to process. Carol gives us all some advice on how to be kind to ourselves in our journeys, and we chat about what it means to be grateful and allow for moments when we can be overwhelmed by our feelings.

Listening time: 27:00