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Widowers & Widows

Surviving Grief

A 3-Day event

April 24th-26th,2023

4pm EST

●     Know the top 6 misconceptions about grief and why they are holding you back.

●     Know the 6 needs of Mourning and how they help you move through and survive your grief.

●     8 factors that contribute to making your grief journey unique.


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Hi, I'm Carol,

I lost my husband 5 years ago and struggled with my grief journey.

I pushed down the emotions, tried to stay strong, and carry on as normal.It didn’t work well for me. I burned out!And so now, having come to terms with my own grief, my mission is to help others on their journey, so that they can move from just surviving to thriving. I realized I must make a choice to live the life I have left. And so began the grief work.

I want you to know that it is possible to create a life of meaning after loss…and that getting the right support allows you to be guided with compassion and understanding to arrive at a place of peace and gratitude.