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Coaching Services

The Joyful Life Blueprint

A 90 day programme of 1:1 coaching for women who are going through life transitions and want to reconnect with who they are, rediscover what they love to do and reinvent their life to create their epic next chapter.

Two Hour VIP Session

A 2 hour deep dive where we see where you are at, and come up with some strategies and tools to get you started on your transformational journey.

From Grief to Gratitude

Through personal experience I have taken this path from grief to gratitude. Contact me if you’d like to talk more about how I can help you move through your grief.

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The Joyful Life Blueprint: 90-Day Programme

Reconnect | Rediscover | Reinvent

Initial pre-coaching questionnaire so that I get to know you a little before we begin

 2 hour VIP session to do a deep dive, clarify where you are at and set clear goals

 9 one-on-one coaching sessions,1hour each, over Zoom (3 each month), so that I can help you clear any roadblocks, give you encouragement and keep you on track.

 Voxer and email support between sessions Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, so you can get your questions answered quickly and not struggle on alone until the next session.

 Daily affirmations sent to you to uplift your day

 Meditations to soothe your soul.

 Membership to ‘The Joyful Life Blueprint’ resource centre for the duration of your coaching where all of your tools and resources are easily accessible

Are you ready to feel alive and engaged?
To live your dreams?
To live a life of purpose and joy?
Would you like to work with me?

If so, it's time to explore the possibilities. To look at things differently.

Instead of looking outside of yourself for the answers with superficial self care, we’ll go inwards to do true self care.

We’ll ask the tricky questions… Why now? What do you really want? and reconnect with those deeper reasons for wanting to change. We’ll reassess how you see yourself and rediscover your likes, dislikes and passions.

And from there, well… then the fun begins.Having done the inner work you get to reinvent the things you want to change. You get to start creating and transforming from the inside out!