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Unleash Your Joy...

...From The Inside Out!

Are you ready ? 

...to reconnect with your lost self ?
...to rediscover the things that make you happy ?
... to reinvent your life to bring more joy and fulfilment?


I'm Carol Banens

I help women who’ve lost who they are and don’t know what they want, to make choices.

We take a transformative journey together, discovering on the way who you are, who you want to become, and what it is you want to keep or let go. Whether you are here because you’ve spent your time looking after family, ageing parents or had stressful work commitments, it is time for you to make a choice.

Choose to take care of yourself. And yes... you can do this and still take care of others!

The difference is, you’ll be coming from a place of fulness rather than emptiness.

And the results?

A 'you' that is:

  • Confident in her decisions.

  • Able to set healthy boundaries.

  • Knows how to create happiness from within.

'Your imagination is everything. It is the preview of Life's coming attractions.'
Albert Einstein

Mindset Reset | Positive Thinking

Once we get to midlife, we tend to stop allowing ourselves to imagine life's coming attractions. And yet, there is so much more of our life to live, and to live fully.

Remember... Life is both too long and too short to not feel inspired or excited for what’s coming your way.

Now is your time… and if it’s not your turn now… then when?!

It's time to...


Let's reawaken the possibilities of joy in your life!

Joy is available to you. Are you having enough?!
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To figure out who you want to be!


It's time to embrace change...

To plan the trips you've always wanted! 


...transform from the inside out...

To improve your relationship with yourself!


...and to Unleash Your Joy!

Let me share in your story, so I can show you how to move through life transitions with grace, bring joy back into your days, and create your epic next chapter.
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What my clients say...

"Working with Carol has enabled me to change the way I see myself. Because of her guidance and support I feel more confident in making decisions and to express my truth in challenging situations. I feel supported, heard and skilfully guided. I highly recommend Carol."

Carolyn S.

"I had another session today with life coach Carol Banens. I just love her! Carol has a gift for being both comfortable to be with, and lovingly confrontational. She's really good at getting to the heart of what stops you in life. And equally good at helping you work through those challenges."

Maggie P.

"Thank you for taking the time and applying your skill set for me. It was very appreciated and beneficial. I felt you enhanced and validated my inner feelings, definitely allowing me to see myself and the future through a different lens."

Diane S.