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From Grief to Gratitude

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."

Winnie the Pooh

My Experience with Grief and finding myself again

When Carol's husband passed away in 2018, she was in deep grief.

What she didn’t realize at the time was how profound it would be or how it affected every single aspect of her life.

I know this sounds strange, but she really didn't have any idea.


Even though his death was expected, and they had prepared everything they could, she was just not prepared.

Not prepared for...

●     The extreme fatigue and lethargy

●     The physical pains

●     The foggy brain

●     The inability to read anything more than a sentence or two

●     The challenge of doing normal activities like changing a light bulb

●     That driving would take all her focus

●     That she couldn’t be in social situations for too long as it was exhausting

●     That she could no longer listen to music.


And the list goes on...

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

And then she went back to work, 3 days after his funeral. She put on a brave face. She soldiered on. She was very English and kept calm and carried on.

But grief took its toll!


Working and coming home exhausted, she’d lay on the sofa all night watching Netflix. She just had nothing left. She also pushed down a lot of her grief, just so she could manage.


And within three years, she had burned out. She decided to leave her 36 year career as a physical therapist and became a transformational life coach for midlife women.


Now during that time, she had an inkling that she wanted to also be a grief coach, but realized that until she had processed her own grief more, and done the work, she wouldn’t be in a place to help others.

And now she is!

I am a certified Grief To Gratitude coach and I'm eager to help other people who are in grief move through their journey with more ease, with compassion and a supportive hand so that they can come to a place of gratitude.


It is called 'grief work' for a reason. And, from experience, I know it is easier to travel that journey when someone is guiding you.


Contact me here if you’d like to chat more about how I can help you move through your grief.