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About Me

I work with midlife women who are totally over feeling empty and lost! I help them move through difficult life transitions, bringing more joy into their lives so that they can create their epic next chapter they want and deserve.

My 36 years as physical therapist, where I've coached people through their pain and come up with creative solutions for how to help get them back to their best lives, has given me a wealth of practical experience.

Having spent years using neuroplasticity, mindfulness and meditation to help my physical therapy patients, I'm excited to be able to use these same techniques with my coaching clients to work on mindset, limiting beliefs and create a more lasting result.

As a reformed self-sacrificer, I know what it's like to give, give, give, and how that leaves you feeling depleted.

After my husband died, I was left in deep grief and completely exhausted. Working through this and making the choice to expand my life, despite the grief, is how I developed my 3-step process: Reconnect.Rediscover.Reinvent, which I use in my programme The Joyful Life Blueprint.

  • I want you to experience the beauty of reconnecting with your soul, of discovering what you really love to do and then having fun reinventing yourself or your life.
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    I've floated down the River Jordan on the inner tube of a tire!

    I've met a real Maharajah in his palace as he lay on his solid gold bed!

    I've stood at the top of the Shaking Minarets in India, as they were shaken and moved. 

    I used to watch my surgeon father perform surgeries so I could learn more...I only fainted once, and luckily it was someone else's OR!

    I have my piano teaching diploma. A.R.C.T.

    My late husband was a well known Canadian Jazz Pianist, Brian Browne.

    I have two amazing adult children.

    I'm an avid reader and life-long learner.